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Don’t Forget (The Sequel!)

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I’ve moved to my new site at! If you forgot to update your bookmarks, here’s some more of what you’re missing:

Have a great weekend everybody!

Don’t Forget!

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I’ve moved to my new site at! If you forgot to update your bookmarks, here’s some of what you’re missing:

WTF Wednesday

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Hey Friends! This page has moved to Click over for the WTF Wednesday!

Bite This

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Hey Friends! This blog has moved to Please update your subscriptions and bookmarks! Thank you!!

Independence Day!

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Hey Friends! This blog has moved to Please update your subscriptions and bookmarks! Thank you!!

It’s Independence Day, for me! Welcome to the new and improved

I’m on my own, the master of my domain you might say. (The first person to name that quote gets a FREE VIRTUAL HIGH FIVE)

Cue the FIREWORKS!!!

Subscribers, please update your subscription to I will continue to post on both sites, but only for a little while. I get enough of doing things twice in my real life. So soon, this will be the one and only place to hear about the twinkies antics, teenage angst, dumb husband tricks, and everything you never needed to know about Alaska, stupid dogs, and bodily functions.

I bet you’re dying to know how much reindeer poop we brought home after this adventure…

Or why I’m letting this moose eat Jackson…

No, it’s not a parenting strategy, although it might keep him under control.

You probably want to know if the moose is a better kisser than Dallas…

Dallas has slightly better breath, so he wins.

I know you don’t want to miss all that.

So update now! Thanks for reading:)

Oh and Happy Birthday America!

How About That?

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Hey friends! I’m posting early today because we’re working on a big announcement for tomorrow! I can’t wait to share with you guys the next big step for my little blog that could. How about that?!

I’m flying solo today because Taryn is still on her North American tour and John & Dallas are hiking out to a glacier. Pics of these adventures will be posted later.

Usually, when it is just me and the twinkies I skip church. I’m lazy. However, this morning they were so worked up that I decided church, and the accompanying hour of childcare/fun with other kids would be perfect. It would have helped if I had known there was no childcare today. Frick.

It wasn’t all bad. One of their little friends had his croquet game set up in the lawn. (Did I mention I go to a little hippie church? Yeah, it’s awesome.) We did that for a while. Then I thought I could actually catch some of the service so we went in to the “cry room.” This was clearly the dumbest thing I have ever done. (And I’ve done a lot of dumb things.) Even with the speaker volume turned all the way up (thanks to another parent-I was too stupid to do that) I could not hear one word. I did however get to watch the kids build towers and roads out of blocks and then knock them down. And then get upset over the destruction. Not too smart if you asked me.

I watched Jackson have a near-meltdown when “the baby took Lightening The Queen.” Once he got Lightening back he put him in his back pocket. So no dumb baby could steal it. Babies are like that, jerks.

On the way home I decided to be mother of the year and get them McDonald’s for lunch. Don’t judge, if my family can leave me home with the twinkies while they have fun adventures, I at least deserve a vacation from cooking. Also, they were completely starved.

Jackson actually grabbed my face, turned it toward his and said, “I’m STARVING MOMMY. And I’m hot (it’s 63 degrees). I want to go home right now!” Reese spent 10 minutes in the car having a conversation with himself about food. He does that, it’s kind of creepy.

Jackson ate one and a half chicken nuggets. Reese ate seven french fries.

They weren’t starving after all. How about that?

Saturday Photos

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It’s been a slow news day around here. Reese and Jackson did some decorating. Apparently they didn’t like how I arranged the Thomas The Tank Engine wall stickers in their room…


That looks much better.

There was also a battle of good versus evil…

I won’t tell you who won. All that matters is the opponents ended the battle with otter pops on the porch.

Happy Saturday everyone!

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