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About me, yes me!

Twinisms is a word I coined to describe the funny things that my kids say. It started out with my oldest son, John who says ridiculous things all the time. Those were called Johnisms. I quickly realized that all four of my children say funny things so I started using the phrase ‘Twinism for the day.’ Originally this was just going to be those quotes. But then the quotes needed explanations so it became a blog.

I am not a writer, more of a venter. When you have two sets of twins you need to vent. That’s right, two sets of twins. The older kids are 14-year-old boy/girl twins and the younger set are 4-year-old fraternal boys. I did not expect to have two sets of twins. I (wrongly) assumed that the first set was a fluke and I would just have one baby the second time around. Life would be easy. As it turns out, I have babies in pairs. (That factory is now closed)

We are also an Army family so our life is in a near constant state of upheaval. We are currently stationed in Anchorage, Alaska. We have lots of adventures, not the least of which is looking out the window to see a 1,000 lb. moose hanging out in our backyard.

This is not a parenting blog. I would not suggest anyone take parenting advice from me. The only intention to provide a few laughs and share our little corner of the world with yours.


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  1. Hi Bridget. Hope you are doing well. Would be nice to catch up with you sometime.

  2. Twin twins…amazing! Your mom directed me here. Looking forward to reading about your escapades!

  3. Thanks for reading it, the pressure is on now:)

  4. Lindsey Stokes :)

    I don’t know if this is going to be assuring news for you to hear, but I read every single post you’ve ever made. And, Aunt Bridget, my respect for you just sky-rocketed. Jusayin’ 🙂

  5. Great idea Bridg! I may give this a try myself. Looking forward to reading more.

  6. 2 Sets of Twins! Wow …. I have a 10yr old Son & 5ye old Boy/Girl Twins! I blog about their antics too!

  7. My husband would be envious about your 1,000 lb backyard friend!

  8. I just found your blog (thanks to FP I think) and I think I nearly suffocated from laughter a dozen or so times. Thanks for writing and thanks for being a cool Army Spouse – we need more of them! 🙂

  9. alittlelessfluff

    I just came across your blog and its great! I have one set (thankfully!) of boy/girl twins. That is it. I will not be having any more children. They are enough for me to deal with! LOL!

    And yes, my blog seems to be mostly venting too. Must be a thing. 😉

    Thanks for a fabulous blog!

  10. Loving the blog. And two sets of twins. Wow

  11. I just love reading this! It always makes me giggle!


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