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Things I Hate

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Not things about you, although I’m sure if I really thought about it I’d find some.

Free Time – When you have a thousand children you never really have free time. I skipped church this morning because Dallas was helping out with the children’s program. We all know I didn’t want to get roped into that business. He and the kids left at about 10:15 and did not return until around 2. If I was smart I would have poured some wine and laid on the couch. I’m stupid. Instead, I sat on the couch for less than half an hour to watch the DVR’d season premier of Louie on FX. (If you haven’t watched it, you should.) After that I wiped down all the counters and tabletops. Cleaned the bathroom. Wiped down all the glass surfaces (including the big mirror on the stairs, that should really never get dirty) and swept and mopped the floors. Dealt with the cable guy who came to check the line. Went to the PX and the Commissary. Baked a batch of cookies, from scratch.

Yesterday Dal stayed home with the boys while I took John out for the afternoon. He made lunch for the twinkies before I left and then laid on the couch. When I came home 4 hours later, I found this:

I’m not upset about the mess. He cleaned it up. (God knows I wasn’t going to) I’m upset that he can sit on the couch all day and I can’t. Even when I really want to.

Taking my kids out in public – I took the twinkies to my friend Christin’s daughters’ birthday party today. She’s the cutest little pumpkin ever (the birthday girl, not Christin). The other children acted normal, they played in the water table and had fun. Jackson poured a cup of water on Reese’s head. He refused to eat anything other than cupcakes. Instead of saying thank you he said, “THANKS HOT DOG!” It took me 25 minutes to leave.

Stupid husband tricks – We have 2 cars, 4 bicycles, and live within walking distance of anything you could possibly need. So of course, on my way home from the birthday party my husband texted and asked me to get him cash. I only know of one ATM near our house that is not in a store. It is not drive thru, so I had to park and leave the twinkies in the car to go in and get cash. The doors were locked to the ATM vestibule. I spent the next 15 minutes cursing Dal for not going to get the cash himself. You know, since he didn’t have 2, four-year-olds with him. He does this all the time with mailing stuff or dropping crap off. It makes me completely insane.

Running – I’m still running. I still hate it. The only reason I continue is because I think my body is changing, less cottage cheese. I haven’t lost a pound. That might have something to do with the nachos I just ate. Whatever.

What do you hate today?


About Twinisms

I am the mother of two sets of twins that are ten years apart. Each of them has moments where they say and do hilarious, frustrating, and crazy things.I counter that by also doing borderline crazy things. It's a good time.

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  1. “Thanks Hot Dog” just trumped “How About That”. I didn’t know it was possible to top and he did!

  2. Brooke Thompson

    Today I hate people who don’t show up to teach at church and don’t call to let us know. The music leader and one of the 3 year old teachers (the class is oddly called Sunbeams, should be called Hurricanes) didn’t come. One other teacher came late. When I found her in the library and asked her to make copies for her class before church, she yelled at me. She can barely make it to church on time so making copies is out of the question for her. Our church is at 1:00 p.m.! ARRGG! Once again I am dreaming of medical reasons to get out of being the president over the children. Maybe blindness or being in a wheel chair…

    • I’m sorry Brooke. I can vouch for any ailment you want to use, not that anyone should trust me, but it’s worth a shot. Also, the hurricanes comment I’d EPIC!

  3. Today (or more like yesterday), I hate power failures! In winter. From 08h45 in the bloody freezing morning till just before 6 in the bloody freezing evening. Our municipality is going to get a word or two from me. Im on the war path anyways after Friday so I might as well continue with the pattern.

  4. I hate having to get up for a jog at 6am when it’s pitch black and freezing while the rest of the family is snug and tucked in their warm beds…but if I don’t do it then, when am I going to find the time to do it ???

    • Probably never! I do that too, it makes me so mad! Right now it’s light all the time, but I’m not looking forward to running in the dark and cold! My runner friend told me she runs outside unless it is less than 10 degrees…ouch!

  5. I love nachos, but hate running and cottage cheese.

    oh, I liked you post too.

  6. I hate the mouth my 9 yo has developed. Since when is he my dad? He’s not the boss of me.

  7. I hate that I DON’T run. Oh and I hate that men, in particular mine, has the same ability as yours. They can do NOTHING and it does not phase them a bit. The house can be in total chaos, a disaster zone, no problem. They just don’t get it sometimes. I hate that when I am running late, said man will take his sweet ass time to get ready, and then I become mega bitch, and he still moves like a sloth. But when HE is in a rush we had all better be in the car and ready to go the moment he puts his shoes on.

    • I know sister! The worst is when he is hungry we have to eat RIGHT THIS SECOND. But if I’m hungry we can take our time and make jokes and fool around. Someday I’m going to lose it, I know it.

      • Hahaha….yes I feel that way often, and when we do lose it, the headline will read “Starving mother goes on rampage after husband makes one too many bad jokes”.

  8. I’ll get back to you on what I hate because my dog is whining to be let in when she just whined to be let out 5 flipping minutes ago and I was sitting on my couch enjoying myself and hat to get up to let her out and now I have to do it again to let her in. Wait – did I just answer your question? Why yes I did.

    Secondly, this: THANKS HOT DOG reminds me of my nephew who went through a very strange period of time when he used to randomly yellow out “MUFFIN!” You never knew when to expect it, although he always yelled it when he felt uncomfortable. Then he changed it to “CACHINO!” which isn’t even a word. I’m going to train him to yell, “THANKS HOT DOG!” and pretend like I had nothing to do with it.

  9. I’m pretty sure while I was gone at Type A, Craig didn’t make the girls pick up 1 darn toy! Grrr…

  10. Let me tell you my HATE for the moment…Summer Time with 5 boys (14,14,13,13,7) We have recently decided to send the boys to private school next year so EVERY dollar counts these days. No neighborhood pool, gas it far to expensive to go to the beach more than once a week, the $1 movies are PACKED with day cares and summer camps so we NEVER get in unless you get there 45 minutes early and then the boys fight because they want to see the OTHER movie not the $1 movie, heat index @ 110 sometimes I just have a hard time saying…”go outside and play- BUT on SATURDAY’s my wonderful sweet husband that works his ass off 5days a week thinks that I shouldnt be the least upset that he wants to be gone on for 6hrs playing golf while I deal with the same stuff I delt with Monday – Friday…HELLO… FAMILY TIME!!!…are you sorry you asked?

    It use to take us FOREVER to leave places when the boys were little…loved it when they would hide from me!!

    • Not at all! I know what you mean, I try to keep everyone entertained, without spending piles of money and they’re never happy. So frustrating! Sounds like you need a Mom’s Weekend Away 😉

  11. I swear, if my husband takes the kiddo out for even an HOUR, I get more done than he would all day. I am laughing right now because what you have written must be true for all fathers.

  12. I have twins, too, and a singleton on the way. Today I hate the people who look at me and ask, “Is it twins again?” I also hate the people (strangers specifically) who don’t know me and come up and feel free to rub my belly without asking. I also hate that I was somewhat pleased with my body after twins, and then I found out I was knocked up again. And I hate that I even have that thought when this baby in my belly is a freakin’ miracle. Happy to have found you through The Red Dress Club!

  13. First…I like to skip church sometimes to have me time. There’s probably a special spot in hell for this…but I’ll take my chances. Also, I was supposed to have twins. There’s twins on both side of my family and HIS. I dodged the bullet (Whew…or I probably would have ate one! I’m sorry, God definitely knows what we can handle. Being outnumbered by two running on chubby legs would have done me in. I’m lucky I haven’t eaten my two children yet. LOVED this post. UR truly a scream. I’m so happy U have twins and I don’t…I say that in love. Wink! Wink! (I shouldn’t get cocky…because the Good Lord does have a wicked sense of humor, don’t he?) Anyhoot, come visit me in my world of madness.

    • Haha! I’ll so see you in that “special hell!” The saving grace for me is one was always sweet when the other was wild. I won’t tell which was which 😉

  14. Oh my, taking the kids out in public. Why is it always such a chore? I love my chatty, happy five year old to death, but take her out and all hell ensues. She has to talk to everyone, wants everything, talks my ear off so that I always manage to forget something. She’s a whirlwind.

    And the hubby thing. Never, ever fails. They always need something at the worst times, and my hubby CANNOT do any type of project without finding a way to enlist my help. Drives me nuts.


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