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Tasty Tuesday? Is that lame? I’m trying to post one recipe a week, but I need a tag so tell me if that one is lame-o. (Also, thinking of a better one for me would be swell.) I was inspired to do this by my friend Leslie who does “Make My Meal Monday” on her blog. I thought of just stealing that name, but it seemed a little rude.

Tonight I made “Carrie Chicken” I chose the name because my friend, Carrie, gave me the recipe. Also because it comes out blood red. It reminded me of the movie Carrie.

That might not be the best plug for a recipe, but you guys have faith in me right? Ahem … right?

Anywho, Carrie Chicken is super-easy. It has a sweet/savory flavor that makes it appealing to kids. Also, as Carrie said it, “looks really pretty on the plate.” It really does.

Here are the ingredients.

Catalina Dressing, Whole Cranberry Sauce, Lipton Onion Soup Mix

It looks crazy, but trust me it is delicious.

Just pour the whole bottle of Catalina into a pan. Empty in the can of cranberry sauce. Add one packet of the onion soup mix. Stir. Bring to a boil.

Okay, that looks like vomit. Go with it.

Once it has come to a boil put about half of it in a 9 x 13 pan. Add some boneless, skinless chicken. I used breasts, but I assume you could use thighs too.  Pour the rest of the sauce mixture on top.

Cook in a 350 degree oven for about 35 minutes.

I did not take a picture of this step because it is not that appealing to look at. Also, I forgot.

I served it with white rice and roasted brussel sprouts.

See, it does look pretty on the plate! I probably should have used a plate without a chip in it, but I have 4 kids so I doubt there is one.

The kids really liked this. Taryn, who is a persnickety teenager even had seconds. SECONDS! Anyone who has a teenage girl knows that is a very big deal. The twinkies even ate it.

Sort of.

They ate the rice and the sauce and peeled apart the brussel sprouts. Then they started running in circles playing a shooting game with guns they fashioned out of tinker toys.

But in my house, that is a win.


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  1. Love it! Thanks!


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