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Sweet Sunday

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This was a big day for the herd. Our rural exchange girls had to leave this afternoon. Everyone was sad. Jackson actually cried at the airport, it pretty much broke everyone’s heart. Seriously, I’ve never seen him cry out of plain old sadness. Usually it is over putting on pants or because he hit himself in the face with the Wii remote.

He was probably missing Daddy quite a bit too, it has been a long eight days for the twinkies. Considering Dal was only home for ten days after the previous 60-something day absence I think his emotions were at a tipping point. Poor little guy. Luckily our Daddy is coming home tonight! Whoot!

Of course, being surrounded by a dozen crying 14-year-old girls didn’t help either. Seriously, those kids cried. And cried. And cried. (I cried a little too) Funny thing, they are going to see each other again in three weeks. Remember when you were a teenager and life was all drama and tears and boys/girls. It was entertaining to watch. I tried hard not to say, “back in my day we didn’t have Facebook! We had to write ACTUAL LETTERS to keep in touch with friends!! What are you crying about!?!”


At dinner I asked my kids to name their favorite activity from the Rural Exchange week.

John: Going to the base to do PT and take a tour.

Taryn : Going to the  mall.

Jackson: Falling out of the window. (as far as I know, this did not happen)

Reese: Pineapple!

Then I asked, what was your favorite thing that we did as a family?

John: Touring the C17

Taryn: Same, C17

Jackson: Eating dinner

Reese: Pineapple!

I don’t know about the pineapple thing. We didn’t even eat pineapples. I think Reese might live in an alternate universe.

Speaking of alternate universe, the twins are going to go to the prom when they visit Yakutat. Their Spanish teacher is one of the advisors for this program. Today I heard her tell John that if he wanted to wear the Lady Gaga dress she would bring it. Of course, my attention seeking boy said yes.

This is the conversation I had with him about the Lady Gaga dress.

“So, John what is this about a Lady Gaga dress?”

“It’s a dress I wore in Spanish class for a skit.”

“What skit?”

“We did this skit in Spanish class. I was Lady GaGa, another kid was Barack Obama, and another kid was a construction worker. So we did this skit, in Spanish. You know, we acted it out, but in Spanish. Because it was Spanish class.”

“Ok, thanks for that. What does the dress look like?”

“Well, it’s long. And blue. And has dress stuff on it.”

Communication is not his strong suit. Maybe he is more like Lady Gaga than I think. I don’t understand a thing that broad says.


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I am the mother of two sets of twins that are ten years apart. Each of them has moments where they say and do hilarious, frustrating, and crazy things.I counter that by also doing borderline crazy things. It's a good time.

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