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Adventures In Banana Bread

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I make excellent banana bread. I am not too proud to admit it and I’m willing to share the secret with you. Feels pretty lucky doesn’t it?

When I was a kid my Dad used to freeze the bananas when they started to get ripe. At the time I thought he was crazy. However, a while back a friend posted pictures of her frozen bananas on Facebook and I decided to try it too. That’s the key to excellent banana bread, freezing them first.

These might look gross, but they are not nearly gross enough. If the skin is black, then you know that they are perfect.

World's best banana bread

When you are ready to make the bread, let them thaw out to room temperature and then peel them. I’ve tried to peel them when they were frozen/semi frozen and it makes my fingertips numb. Cut the tips off with kitchen sheers.

Best banana bread

That looks a little alien. Don’t think about it. You want to use all of it, including the liquid. It is sweet, sticky deliciousness. Mash these and use them in your recipe.


It doesn’t matter. Use whatever banana bread recipe you like. I make the one that is in my old Betty Crocker cookbook. You can find it here. It calls for buttermilk, which is excellent. I use extra banana too. I think it calls for a cup and a half, I used this whole bowl.

I also double the vanilla. I pretty much always double the vanilla when I bake. I learned this from my cousin Cindy. She might have learned it from her mom, my Aunt Sylvia who is the best cook ever.

Today I made muffins and a loaf.

World's best banana bread

They were delicious. The twinkies loved them. I left the bread and muffins to cool while I took a shower. When I came out, I discovered this:

World's best banana bread

Awesome. A 4-year-old handful out of the banana bread.

That lead to this:

Standing in the corner until someone copped to it. Eventually Jackson admitted he was the culprit. He also stole another muffin, took one bite out of it and hid it in a treat bag in the cabinet.

When I found it, I ate it.


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  1. As good as the bread and muffins looked, I would have stole a bite too….. 😮

  2. I think I’m addicted to this blog now….

  3. That was my evil plan:)

  4. So you are supposed to cut off your fingertips… mention they are cold..and then cut them off…now you can commit crimes with no fingerprints as well as eat banana bread!


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