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Twins Are Not Alike

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Ask any mother of twins (or other multiples) and they can probably name at least five questions they hate being asked. My least favorite is, “Did you use fertility drugs?” I get asked this question by complete strangers on a fairly regular basis.

Yes, by complete strangers. I know, pretty rude right? (The answer is no, since I am sure you were wondering too.)

I also hate when people ask me if they are identical.  The first set is boy/girl, which you would think would make it obvious, but people are pretty dumb so they ask anyway. I’ve had people tell me that boy/girl twins can be identical. Nope. Identical means exactly alike, as in the same DNA. Also boys have penises and girls don’t so I’m pretty sure that means they are not exactly alike.

People ask how I can tell my boy/boy twins apart. My standard answer is, “by looking at them.” They don’t look alike. I don’t think they even look related. When I say this I often get told that I am wrong. I’m not wrong. I made them, I think I know what I’m talking about. Thanks.

Neither of my sets of twins act alike either. Taryn and John were very different babies and are very different young adults. Taryn gets excellent grades in school and is pretty much always the teacher’s pet. John talks too much in class and is content to be a C student. However, he scores better than his twin sister on nearly all the standardized tests. Curious isn’t it?

The twinkies are also nothing alike. Jackson is a Mama’s boy who tells me he loves me so often that it is irritating. Reese is Daddy’s boy and he makes you earn hugs and the occasional “I love you.”

Here is a conversation between the twinkies and Dallas today that is another example of their opposing personalities.

Reese: Daddy, can I have a snack?

Daddy: Yes, would you like raisins or goldfish?

Reese: Ummmm…goldfish!

Jackson: Can I have a snack?

Daddy: Sure, raisins or goldfish

Jackson: I want something from the refrigerator

Daddy: No, raisins or goldfish

Jackson: (opening refrigerator door) Oranges

Daddy: Raisins or goldfish

Jackson: Cheese

Daddy: Raisins or goldfish

Jackson: Strawberries

Daddy: Raisins or goldfish

Jackson: Blueberries

Daddy: Raisins or goldfish

Jackson: Applesauce

Daddy: Close the refrigerator, raisins or goldfish.

Jackson: (closing the refrigerator) Ok, bread.

Daddy: Raisins or goldfish

Jackson: Bread

Daddy: Raisins or goldfish

Jackson: All right, fine…. banana.

Daddy: Raisins, goldfish, or nothing.


Jackson: … Goldfish.

See, not alike.


About Twinisms

I am the mother of two sets of twins that are ten years apart. Each of them has moments where they say and do hilarious, frustrating, and crazy things.I counter that by also doing borderline crazy things. It's a good time.

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  1. Order in the Quart!

    Bridget, It’s confirmed. I love you too. The end.


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