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Daddy’s Home!

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I’ve been missing for a few days, but I have a good excuse. I left early Wednesday morning (1:30 AM!) on a flight from Alaska to Georgia. The highlight of the flight came when a young girl puked on the floor in the row in front of me. Her mom screamed, “OH SHIT!!” at the top of her lungs.

Awesome. I’m glad I’m not the only one who reacts to vomit with cursing. I don’t do vomit. If I see it or smell it, then I gag too. Blood, poop, and pee I can handle. Puke is not in my job description.

The lowlight was that puke-girl was also on my next flight. It’s hard to hold your breath for 3.5 hours.

I also got to eat Chik-Fil-A and Dunkin’ Donuts.

In between my food outings, my husband graduated from Ranger School. This is a very big deal. HOOAH! It also meant that he got to come home, which is an even bigger deal.

When we walked in the door the kids were all very excited. The twinkies ran to him for their hugs and could not keep the giggles and excitement inside. Even my 14-year-olds seemed excited. John actually gave his Dad a hug without any encouragement. (GASP)

The little guys show their happiness in interesting ways. For example, Jackson wanted to show his Daddy the new underwear he got while he was away. Obviously the only way to do this was to bring them into the dining room…naked. Not just naked, but naked and dancing around like a maniac with 2 pair of football underwear in one hand and a lightsaber (which he calls a lightsaver) in his other hand. Welcome home, Daddy!

I asked him why he took off his other underwear, he said it was because he farted in them.

I see a lot more laundry in my future. May the force be with me.


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  1. Welcome home D! I know all 5 are happy you are back! Lots of Love!

  2. OMG this is funny


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