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I Love Sunday, Usually

Sunday is easily my favorite day of the week. We usually take it easy, go to church, go out to lunch, laze around the house. This Sunday was a bit different because I woke up rushed. I had to get my son to the indoor soccer field, which is about a million miles from our house, for an 11 AM soccer game. That is the same time as our church service. It is only an issue now, when my husband is away, because I have to choose between watching the game and going to church. Not going to church means my other three children also have to miss their religious exploration classes. Tough call. Since this is the third time this month there was a game at 11 I skipped soccer for church.

As expected, John had an excellent game and I missed it. Their team won 4-1. I have to give a shout out here to my (nearly lifelong) friend, Joe Stewart. Joe has emailed John with soccer tips, which are clearly paying off. Thanks Joe-you rock!

So, at least for today being an Army wife kind of sucks. My husband is away at Ranger school. He has been gone Since just after Christmas. The school started January 2 and I have had three chances to speak to him on the phone since then. No email and no texts either. We have to write letters, like it’s 1987. It sucks. (By the way, he made it through with no break and no recycles. That, as the VP would say, is a big f’ing deal)

People always talk about deployments when they muse about the tough life of an military family. Deployments are only part of it. Soldiers are gone a lot. They go on training missions for days, weeks, even months. They go to schools that take them away from their families for long stretches of time. Before he left my husband said he would probably only be home about 10 of the next 24 months, that’s a conservative guess. I can’t even think about it. It is just too much.

I’m not complaining. It’s a volunteer Army, I get that. And I know it is not nearly as tough as being a single parent. Been there, done that and I know how lucky I am not to have to work full-time on top of it all.

I’m just saying that today kind of sucked. I miss my husband. I miss the freedom that comes with having two parents to share the work. I miss being able to watch my children talk to their Dad and to see him talk to them in the way only their Dad can.

He’s coming home in less than a week and I can’t wait. I can’t wait. It’s a big f’ing deal.


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