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I’m not going to talk about how late the cackling teens kept me up last night. (2 AM) I’m not going to talk about how hard it is to have teenage boy/girl twins. Or how you sit up at night hoping against hope that the visiting girls do not have a crush on your boy (or vice versa). You do not want to know how much I worry about teenage hormones. You also do not want to know about how much more I worry about the judgement of other parents.

Needless to say it was a rough night.

Also, when you have teenagers and pre-schoolers there really is no rest for the weary. The twinkies do not care that I was up past 2 AM. They were ready to go by 7 AM. They need food, they need snuggles, they need Sponge Bob. I need more sleep, more coffee, my husband to be back home, and much more coffee.

Add to that I had to deal with this:

Seems innocent enough. However, that jar of queso is open. I told John to put the leftover dip “away.” His response this morning was that, “I put it back where I found it!” Frick…

And then this:

Interesting cutting method

It’s cool kids, just cut that any way you want. I didn’t spend any time making it at all. Double frick.

I’ll be mainlining some Shiraz tonight.


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  1. I think that your first advertiser should be a box wine company! I had pulled a list of the “best of box” to share with ya for those cold winter/spring/summer/fall nights!


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