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Hating The Dog And The Teens

I hate the dog. Really, I could name about a thousand reasons. She constantly comes in and out. I used to think she had some sort of issue. Now I think she is just trying to annoy me. It’s working. She stands next to me and wags her big stupid tail, which makes me cold. I hate being cold. She breathes on me, constantly. Ugh, is there anything worse than a dog breathing on you? She barks, incessantly at absolutely nothing.

And then there’s this

Why she can’t just eat the food, instead of first pawing half of it on the floor is beyond me. Stupid dog.

Taryn is having some girls over tonight. That means I get to listen to the giggling and cackling of not just 1 but 3, 14-year-old girls all night long. I can also hear the boy, trying his hardest to impress 2 of the 3 girls. It is painful. I bought pizza for them and then sat with the girls to eat. They ignored me. It reminded me of my junior high school experience.

One of them did reference the classic Goldie Hawn/Kurt Russell romcom “Overboard” which made me like her a bit more.

The twinkies get a little wound up when there are extra girls here. This does not bode well for the future. I’m pretty sure I am going to have to move to a desert island once they are teenagers.

Without them.


About Twinisms

I am the mother of two sets of twins that are ten years apart. Each of them has moments where they say and do hilarious, frustrating, and crazy things.I counter that by also doing borderline crazy things. It's a good time.

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